Tylluan also writes children's and young person's fiction with a pagan background under the pen name T.P.Penry.   Some titles are available for download now from the Kindle Store!What does the 'pagan background' mean? Well, Tylluan wanted to write adventures and thrillers about young people who were either growing up in a pagan or partly pagan household (Silent Night, Deadliest Night, ), were exploring their own pagan path (The Dolly Run) or, in the case of Stalker's Moon, the grandmother has become a Druid (and an eco-warrior!).They are - as always with Wolfenhowle Books - very reasonably priced, and equally fun for the young at heart wanting something light to read!Click the cover of the Book to purchase. If you're not in the UK, the links may not work so instead please visit the Amazon website for your country and search for T P Penry.  Please note that previews of all these books are only available on the Amazon website!  All have the facility for you to look inside and read at least the first chapter for free. 


Silent Night, Deadliest Night

Jodie had plenty of plans for the Christmas holidays, until her mother announced they would be celebrating the Winter Solstice and Yule in a log cabin in a remote part of Scotland. Resigned to a week of utter boredom, instead she and her family find themselves tested to their limit by a mysterious – and murderous - prowler who keeps whistling ‘Silent Night...’ 


The Dolly Run

Lu and Jed hate their new, very religious stepfather, Sam. But is Sam really all he seems? Or does he have an ulterior – and very dangerous – motive for entering their lives just at this moment? 


Stalker's Moon

When Hanni Fox becomes ill with a mystery virus that keeps her out of school and confined to bed, she thinks nothing could be more boring. But soon excitement – and danger – arrive in the form of a remorseless stalker, her Druid grandmother and a very large, unruly dog!

Reviews from Amazon for Stalker's Moon:

Good plot and nice story line. well written and one you wont want to put down. Anyone who like thrillers will enjoy this book. (Five Stars) BarmacNot exactly strenuous on the mental muscles, but enjoyable, easy to read and well paced.I will be reading Penry's other works. (Four Stars) S P