• Domesday Book to Magna Carta

by A.L. Poole. Published by Oxford at the Clarendon Press.  Hard back with dust cover. Very good condition.  Please note this is the 1987 edition.

A landmark study of a key century in medieval history, this book comprises the history of the century and a quarter which elapsed between the compilation of Domesday Book and the issue of the Magna Carta, the two greatest documents of English medieval history.

The volume opens with chapters in which the position of the monarchy and social and economic background of the period in its feudal, rural, and urban aspects are discussed. In the political sphere it describes the building up of the great continental dominions, which in the time of Henry II are known as the Angevin Empire, and also the attempts of the English kings to establish their supremacy over Scotland and Wales, and the conquest of Ireland.

Also discussed are education, the contribution of Englishmen to the 12th century renaissance, the literature, and the art of the age and of course the great development of the common law brought about by the legal reforms of Henry II.  The book ends with a description of the events leading up Magna Carta and its sequel, civil war, in which the reign of King John was brought to a close.

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Domesday Book to Magna Carta

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