• Guardian of the Gateway

Paperback. 136 pages. 

Tylluan Penry has been writing children's stories for many years. (Several are available on Kindle - written under the pen name T. P. Penry).  This however is her first printed children's book.  Written with a pagan background, it would be an ideal present for any child, or anyone who feels they are still a child at heart.

Three sisters, Joy, Mary and Emily live happily with their parents. They go to school, play with their friends, and generally enjoy life.  Then one day, everything changes. Their Dad goes out to buy chips and lemonade as a Friday night treat, and doesn't come home again. Everyone - except their Mum and two elderly neighbours - turns against them

Forced to move house, they end up in a remote Welsh cottage where they discover skills and strengths they never realised they had. Apart from adjusting to their new lives, they discover that nothing is what it seems, not even their new - and friendly - neighbour.  Magic is suddenly all around them and Joy in particular must conquer her deepest fears and confront a dangerous magician if she is to bring her Dad home again and save her family...

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Guardian of the Gateway

  • £5.99

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