Paperback by Tylluan Penry. 247 pages.  Published by The Wolfenhowle Press, 2019

This book is the third in a trilogy that began with Seeking the Green, followed by Staying on the Old Track.  A Witch for All Seasons is intended to help and guide witches in all their seasons, Maiden, Mother and Crone or Spring, Summer/Autumn and Winter.  The book covers a wide range of topics, including some suggestions for useful rituals, adapting older ideas and gestures, magical ingredients from the ancient world and how to include a little alchemy on our path. 

The author also suggests some good habits to make our magical and spiritual path a little easier, no matter what our season. 

All witches - but especially solitaries - need reliable help and advice from time to time. A Witch for all Seasons, written by a knowledgeable and experienced witch, will be an indispensable aid to any witch's library. 

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A Witch for All Seasons

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