• Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries

By Carole Carlton.  Paperback.  Published by The Wolfenhowle Press 2020.  226 pages.

Originally published in 2009, this new, revised edition has been fully rewritten and expanded and is the second in the series of enchanting Mrs Darley stories.  

To stand beneath the full Moon and bathe within Her light is one of life's most magickal experiences.  Our ethereal night time visitor is a Lady of mystery, intrigue and illusion, capable of exerting a hypnotic effect over the human psyche and leading us to believe in the impossible. 

Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries is a celebration of the Moon in Her many aspects, from Her phases and movements to Her place in magick, and from Her position as deity to the powerful influence She exerts upon the Earth and all who live upon it. 

Each chapter is interwoven with moonlight tales involving the enchanting Mrs Darley, the author's next door neighbour when she lived on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall during the 1990's. 

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Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries

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