• Sacred Shadows

This is Tylluan’s seventh book, and her fourth with The Wolfenhowle Press.  It deals with something many of us seem to sense – the ancient past – but which is extremely difficult to explore since there is so little information on it.  Here, Tylluan has attempted to pull together many different strands, including history, archaeology and even some thoughts from Jung!  The result is a roller coaster ride through the ancient past and our own psyche, backed up by extensive referencing, a full bibliography and index.

If you have ever felt drawn towards the world of our ancient ancestors, then this is the book for you!

From the Back cover:

The ancient past is always with us, just lurking beneath the surface.  It influences what we are, what we do, what we will become.  It even invades our dreams.  Yet we know next to nothing about it.

This book shows how the memories that seem to haunt us are not lost but are waiting to be recovered, so they can form part of our spiritual life, no matter what path we decide to follow.

Rediscovering out past, our ancient history, will ultimately help us understand the present and welcome the future….

…because the past never really goes away.

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Sacred Shadows

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